This tutorial will cover a FREE and EASY method to add audio files into a Google Doc. This tip allows teachers to read the questions for their test in advance, and embed the audio files into the document.

Students who struggle to read will be able to complete their work without having another person present to read aloud to them, will be able to work at their own pace, and can return to questions as needed.

1) Install the Google Drive app to your smartphone. Log in to your CESD account.
2) Create a folder in your Drive called Audio Files
3) Create a subfolder in this new folder and give it the name of the test you will be reading.
4) Move the test into the folder (failing to do this step will break the audio links when you move the test folder into the Team Drive for Myles to create testing accounts for!)
4) Using the audio recording application on your phone, read each set of instructions or questions aloud SEPARATELY. You will have a bunch of audio files once you’ve read each instruction, source and question aloud separately. (On an iOS device, the audio recording app is called “Voice Memos” and it comes factory-installed.)
5) Upload your audio files to the folder you created in step 3.
6) Find an icon online to represent audio to your students.
7) Insert the icon after each set of instructions, source excerpt or question. (Once you have it at a size you like, COPY-PASTE it!)
8) Open Google Drive in another tab and browse to the folder you uploaded your audio files to.
9) Right click on the desired audio file.
10) Choose “Get Sharable Link” – Google will copy the link automatically for you.
11) Right click on the icon and choose “LINK”
12) Paste the link

Repeat, repeat, repeat – but remember – once this is done, you never have to do it again!!!

You can make adjustments to the icon by choosing INSERT->DRAWING and shrinking the icon you selected in step 6 above in the drawing screen to better fit your allotted space.