Google Classroom

Basic information for Teachers

Google Classroom for Teachers

Teaching in a distributed learning environment (formerly called a blended learning environment), has its own pedagogical rules. While many scenarios translate easily from classroom teaching to online teaching, there are some aspects of instruction and learning that are different.

In conversation with teachers, administrators, parents and students, coupled with the educational research on distributed learning environments, we have compiled these ten tips for teachers to improve everyone’s experience when using Google Classroom.

If you are new to using Google Classroom, we have a set of comprehensive learning modules designed for teachers in Chinook’s Edge School Division on our Learning Hub.

The CESD Resource site (Teachers Share) is a brand new endeavour undertaken during the Covid spring quarantine (#10 in the image below). To ease the burden of distributed teaching, we ask that teachers share assignments they have created (share to Michelle Baragar), and take what you can need from this site. The more we share, the lighter the load for everyone!

Additionally, we have also recorded a video suited to teachers and parents regarding how to add parents to Google Classroom without violating FOIP. The video shows the entire process, including what both parties will see on their individual screens.