The past [almost] 12 months with the Covid quarantine have created some challenges for educators, but they have also spurred some massive creativity amongst teachers. One of the emerging trends for instruction has been the creation of Bitmoji Classrooms. 

In a nutshell, a Bitmoji classroom is a Google Slide, decorated to look like a classroom (some teachers have even made their slide look like their REAL classroom), with interactivity built in.  If you teach in div 1 especially, a Bitmoji classroom can be an effective way to guide students through some of the daily events by using the visual nature. (For example your class calendar  – embed a calendar right onto the slide with this important information contained in it!)

The slide deck to the right contains 20 classroom images that you may take and use to create your own Bitmoji Classroom. Additionally, there are almost 350 extra furnishings and extra accessories contained in the slides at the end of the classrooms to help you get started in decorating your own Bitmoji Classroom.

Beyond the images contained within this slide deck, you may wish to use the Google Search that is built right into slides to find other images to bring into your little virtual classroom. When you use the image search inside of slides, everything that comes up is marked for reuse, meaning you need not worry about copyright! The images have already been filtered for you! The video below may act as a guide if you are uncertain where to start!