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Help Teaching

Help teaching is a website to assist with test and quiz creation along with worksheets. With a free login, teachers have access to all the questions in their database, but your documents will be restricted to ten questions each.

Problem Attic – Exam Creation Software

Problem Attic – Exam Creation Software

Exam creation is a time-consuming process for teachers, and historically many teachers have utilized software such as examview at great fiscal cost. We are pleased to show our teaching staff Problem Attic.  Problem Attic is the largest bank of examination questions available to teachers, and even more amazing, it’s an online (cloud) FREE resource, so it is constantly updated, and new questions are regularly being added.

If you need to create a re-test for a student who bombed an exam, this resource may be exactly what you are needing!

Problem Attic lets you search for questions by topic. This eliminates the need to search the database searching for questions that fit your need, you can now draw those questions out quickly.


Problem Attic has recently added new select options on the arrange tab. This allows you to do any of the following:

  • Select all multiple-choice or free-response problems in your document.
  • Move certain types of problems into a new part (and add directions).
  • Find all problems with custom answer spaces or other formatting details.
  • Save paper by grouping together problems that are “full width”.

Problem Attic permits you to change multiple choice questions to fillable questions, and it also allows you to separate questions into parts and subparts. This will allow you to insert custom answer spaces such as:

  • “griddables” (also known as grid-ins)
  • coordinate graphs and numberlines
  • snippets of graph paper
  • blank lines for writing prompts
  • grids, boxes, and empty space for student work

Problem Attic is great for outcome-based assessment. They refer to this as “curriculum development”, but as we have our Alberta curriculum already established by the ministry and we don’t need to develop our curriculum, we would use these tools to sort questions into their outcome categories.

Problem Attic allows for sharing your documents with other teachers. It will share in an editable format, so teachers you share with can make adjustments to tailor the material to their needs.