The Sphero mini is the little sibling of the classic Sphero. These spherical robots are easy to use, and fun to play with; a genuine favourite of kids!  They are a great introductory robot for all ages and all coding skill levels.  Though they are small, there is a gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights inside this small ball. The Sphero Mini can be used in drive mode, through draw coding and through block-based coding.

This hyper-linked chart of activities and learner progression will ensure that tasks assigined in classrooms are feasible for the level of coding of the students.

The Sphero At Home Guide is a great place for teachers (and parents, of course) to start their learning!

Additionally the Sphero Mini At Home Challenge Cards and the Sphero Mini At Home Play Cards offer immediate activities to get excited kids started!

What’s in the Box? – Sphero Mini