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How to keep your Google Content for the Future

GMail – your email address

Hopefully you have a personal email account that you’ve used for non-work related communications. You’ll want to make sure that the people in your personal life and your online accouns are using your personal email.

If you do not have a personal account, you should create one at – you are already familiar with the GMail interface, so create a personal email there.

Your Google Drive

When your account is closed (it will be deleted), you will lose access to the content that is OWNED by that account. You can change the account that owns it by transferring ownership to another account. This transfer of ownership can be to another CESD employee, or it can be to your personal Google account.

If you want to keep everything that is in your Google Drive, look to the next section and use Google Takeout. It will provide a less labour-intensive tool that lets you take all of it.

To Take Everything* from your Google Account

Google Takeout is Google’s assistant for taking out the entirety of your Google Drive. It needs some time to process the takeout, so plan to leave it running overnight. It will provide downloadable .zip files of your content.  This content can then be loaded into your personal Google account.

*Google Classrooms are not included in Google Takeout

Google Classroom

Google Takeout does not include Google Classroom. Though you may see Google Classroom in the list of choices in Google Takeout, the files will not be useful. Takeout will give you files with the extension .json and there’s nothing you can do with those.

If you want your Google Classroom content to continue to exist within CESD, you will need to add a colleague as a co-teacher, and after they have accepted the invitation to co-teach, you will make them the owner.

If you want to keep your Google Classroom content for yourself (if you are changing school districts for instance), then you will want to add your personal Google account as a co-teacher (or your new district Google Account). Once you’ve added your new account, you will make that account the owner of the Google Classroom.