The Battle for Scientia Terra

On March 11, a small group of educators from CESD took a professional field trip to Fort Saskatchewan to visit the classroom of Scott Hebert (@MrHebertPE ) to witness an imagination-filled gamified classroom – a game that Mr. Hebert (Master Heebs in game) has invented to suit his own classroom. The majority of items in Mr. Hebert’s classroom have been created by hand, from his own imagination and at minimal cost. In terms of classroom engagement – Wow!! The story of Scientia Terra has his students working (call it playing – it sounds so much more pleasant!) and learning. Scott is very active on social media, he facilitates excellent conversations on Twitter, his YouTube channel is very active, and he’s even done a TED talk about it!!

If you’re interested, please check out his online resources (including the books he has written) as you will see much more. We’ve posted only photos that do not include students for privacy protection. Scott has permission to show much more than we can!