Resources for November’s Digital Citizenship content

News & Media Literacy

Kindergarten: E-Safety

What should you do if you see something strange on the Internet?

This video could initiate the discussion about when to get help from an adult you trust if something unexpected happens online.

Grade One: Media Balance is Important

How do we find a happy balance between our online and offline activities?

Students consider the feelings of themselves and others when making decisions about when, where, and how much to use technology.

Grade Two: Let’s Give Credit!

How can you give credit for other people’s work?

With so much information at our fingertips, students learn what it means to “give credit” when using content they find online. Taking on the role of a detective, students learn why it’s important to give credit and the right ways to do it when they use words, images, or ideas that belong to others.

Grade Three: Is Seeing Believing?

Why do people alter digital photos and videos?

It’s often hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. Help your students ask critical questions about why someone might alter a photo or video in the first place.

Grade Four: A Creator’s Rights & Responsibilities

What rights and responsibilities do you have as a creator?

It’s common for kids to use images they find online, for school projects or just for fun. But kids don’t often understand which images are OK to use and which ones aren’t. Help your students learn about the rights and responsibilities they have when it comes to the images they create and use.

Grade Five: Reading News Online

What are the important parts of an online news article?

Kids find and read news in lots of different ways. But studies show they’re not very good at interpreting what they see. How can we help them get better? Teaching your students about the structure of online news articles is an important place to start.

Grade Six: Everfi Ignition

Ignition: Digital Wellness and Safety November is a continuation with the Everfi content from September and October.

*Review Responsible Use Agreement with all students.

Grade Seven: A Day in the Life of the Jos

Grade 7: A Day in the Life of the Jos
November is a continuation with the Media Smarts content from September and October.

*Review Responsible Use Agreement with all students.

Grade Eight: This Just In!

How should we react to breaking news?

With mobile phone alerts, social media updates, and 24/7 news cycles, it’s hard to escape the daily flood of breaking news. Help students analyze breaking news with a critical eye for false or incomplete information, and discuss the downsides of our “always-on” news media culture.