ThingLink – Interactive Images

ThingLink – Interactive Images

ThingLink is an award-winning education technology platform that makes it easy to augment images, videos, and virtual tours with additional information. Seamlessly make your images, videos, and 360 content interactive with text, links, images, videos and over 70 call to actions, creating memorable experiences. Virtual walk-throughs and tours give students access to real-world environments and situations that would otherwise be out of their reach. Interactive 360° images and videos help develop contextual understanding, academic vocabulary and skills in remote locations, cultures, work environments, or social situations. – Infographic Creation for Teachers – Infographic Creation for Teachers is an amazing free service to allow teachers to create infographics to assist students with understanding complex topics. Their privacy policy does not allow us leeway to use this service for students. Infographics are challenging to create without a template as they adhere to guidelines for print design. But solves this challenge by providing a large file of templates that you can take and edit.

Extensions Apps and Websites

Extensions, Applications and Programs

The following list contains applications and extensions currently in use in CESD, along with information teachers need to be aware of in order to use them in the classroom. The green checkmark indicates that teachers can begin use right away. The yellow pause indicates there are stipulations applied to using the app or extension in CESD’s classrooms.


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Ed puzzle allows teachers to embed questions into YouTube videos. This forces students to actively watch and respond. Teachers can see who watched the video, how far they watched and if they watched more than one time.

Enter only student email address and first name to use this app. Remove all students at end of term. To connect it to your Google Classroom, you will need specific parental permission as the student last name will import.

Add-On for Google Slides that allows teachers to embed interactive questions to the student audience.

Free service provides basic tools. Premium trials can be acquired for 60 or 90 days  Individual licenses are $149.99 USD.

Install the add-on and start creating great content! 

Literacy and personalized learning support for all students.

CESD provides this application to all classrooms for students and teachers.

Go ahead and begin use at any time!

Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it, like photos, videos, drawings, or notes.

Free for up to 100 activities. Contact Ted for school-wide pricing information.

When setting up your classroom, students MUST log in using their CESD Google logins in order to use this resource. Add Michelle Baragar as a school administrator on your account to ensure data is stored in Canada.