Ed Tech Tips, Tricks & Hacks #3

Ed Tech Tips, Tricks & Hacks #3

This edition of Ed Tech Tips, Tricks & Hacks contains nuggets of wisdom on:

  • Pear Deck
  • Everfi
  • Printing Photos in Chrome
  • Keyboarding practice on a Chromebook
  • Inserting a page break into a Google Doc
  • Loading your iTunes library into Google Play
  • A Google a Day
  • Webjets,
  • Book Creator
  • Geoguessr
I want to Print Photos from a Chromebook

I want to Print Photos from a Chromebook

With the old Windows computers, the utility for printing photos grew familiar throughout the years that people actually did this (printed photos at home). But, printing photos at home is no longer something that -people do, and so this feature is disappearing.

If we can make our peace with the fact that printing photos from a Chromebook is going to be different, then 50% of the frustration evaporates.

You can set your smartphone to upload your camera roll into Google Photos automatically (Personally, I do this with my photos; the space in education accounts is unlimited, and the privacy policy of Google as it pertains to education is solid.). If your smartphone loads photos into your Google Photos account, it means they will be in a folder in your Google Drive (called Google Photos). Running them through this handy little website makes printing them a Breeze.

Here is a screencast I did today of this process.