GSuite & Chromebooks

GSuite in CESD

A shared drive filled with Google ready assignments, projects and templates.

Apps, websites and other resources for the classroom that work on Chromebooks

Links to presentations and resources provided at Google Summits around the globe

The screen has rotated! The keyboard is in the wrong language! I need the snipping tool!

Interested in achieving your Google Certified Educator status? Start here!

Pear Deck for Google Slides

Pear Deck for Google Slides

…and score some formative assessment feedback for yourself in the process.

Take a peek at Peardeck to accomplish these things. Peardeck contains a number of slide templates to ask questions during the process of learning and in so doing offers you, the teacher, a wealth of information as to how the learning is going.

Ditch that Texbook gives some good tips for using this fantastic add-on.

If you’ve used it, please don’t hesitate to offer some feedback to me on the ease-of-use or the challenges with it. When offering recommendations, I do like to be able to articulate these things to the person I’m speaking to.