GSuite & Chromebooks

GSuite in CESD

A shared drive filled with Google ready assignments, projects and templates.

Apps, websites and other resources for the classroom that work on Chromebooks

Links to presentations and resources provided at Google Summits around the globe

The screen has rotated! The keyboard is in the wrong language! I need the snipping tool!

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The CESD Online Field Trip Form

The CESD Online Field Trip Form

It’s been lagging for some people. This could be the result of a few different things.

1. Too many tabs open – if you have 10-kajillion tabs open, things will slow down. (Google Keep is a great place to store websites that you don’t want to lose track of – just a tip there – as a teacher I often had many tabs open… stuff I’d discovered while searching for something else but didn’t want to lose…)

2. The download folder of your Chromebook could be full. Especially if you use Teachers Pay Teachers to buy resources. If you do that, download them, copy them into your Google Drive, then remove them from the downloads folder!

3. Your browser history (cache for those of you who are more my age category) may need to be cleared. To do that, click the 3 dots up at the top right of your screen (Where your profile photo is) and choose history. You’ll be taken to a screen such as . the image attached to this commentary. On the top left you can clear the browsing history.

So, in general, the usual things that can slow a computer down could be impacting your Chromebook. Test out the above three things if you’ve been having challenges with the field trip form!