GSuite & Chromebooks

GSuite in CESD

A shared drive filled with Google ready assignments, projects and templates.

Apps, websites and other resources for the classroom that work on Chromebooks

Links to presentations and resources provided at Google Summits around the globe

The screen has rotated! The keyboard is in the wrong language! I need the snipping tool!

Interested in achieving your Google Certified Educator status? Start here!

Google’s Teacher Center

Google’s Teacher Center

Did you know Google has a significant training course for teachers? Did you know that by completing the training you could become a Google Certified Educator?

Have a look at

Even if you don’t want to become certified, the lessons there are well designed and will expand your capacity to use GSuite in your classroom. You’ll learn things you had no idea Google would allow you to do (I certainly did!) and you’ll be well-informed as to Google’s policies surrounding education, kids and privacy.

There are resources ready for your use here!