PD Opportunities

Where can you look for Pofessional Development in the area of educational technology?

PD Opportunities

The following are excellent sources to find professional development for educational technology and GSuite skill development.

Online PD

Google Teacher Center – It’s free and it’s asynchronous – go through the Google Certification exercises and readings and, even if you don’t take the test for the certification, you’ll learn a lot!

Ed Tech Team – This is the group of Google Certified Educators, Trainers and Innovators who host Google Summits around the globe. There is always a summit coming soon somewhere in the world. Plan ahead and find one near you. These are among the best professional development any teacher could participate in.

Alberta Ed Tech Group

ATLE – Alberta Technology Leaders in Education – this group has existed for over a decade now, and their fall conference (Calgary) gets better each year. In addition to their fall conference, they also host smaller technology sessions around the province at various times.

Alberta PD Consortia

CARC – Located in Red Deer, you can search for topics related to Career and Technology Studies or Technology and Innovation to find some sessions to support your classroom educational technology.

CRC PD – Located in Calgary, many in-services are offered each year that will support teachers in their professional growth related to educational technology.

ERLC – The Edmonton Learning Consortium is another nearby place to keep an eye on their educational technology sessions!

Beyond Alberta

ISTE – The International Society for Technology in Education is the driver of technological outcomes for education in the USA. Each June they host their annual conference in a major American city. Just reading the list of session topics is enlightening. It gives hints as to where technology in education is heading next!

Beyond their big conference, they are also a publisher of many books, all of which have sound pedagogical backbone and are valid for classroom implementation. They also offer online courses, webinars and a host of other useful opportunities for teachers.

SXSW Edu – The education edition of the big SXSW (South by South West) is an international conference on innovation in education . It’s held in March each year, and generally takes place in Austin, Texas.