The new modern literacy. 

But I don’t know anything about code!

That’s completely okay! There are many resources out there that contain full instruction and auto grading to assist you with bringing coding into your classroom. Let’s start with a couple videos. Both are fantastic videos to show to introduce the idea of coding to your students.

Why teach coding?

If we pause to think about the fact that the twenty-first century teacher is preparing students for a future that has not yet been invented, it can be really overwhelming. How? How do we prepare students for a future we cannot envision? Much of that is going to be forged on the concept of exposure to new technology. If we can situate ourselves within the research as it pertains to educational technology, and then undertake to expose students to different technologies, it builds their capacity and confidence in the face of new challenges. Then the pressure is off the classroom teacher to know everything about all technologies, and the teacher can take a more solid philosophical position within the classroom to role model two important concepts. These two concepts are the Growth Mindset and lifelong learning.  It is completely reasonable for a teacher to tell a class “I’ve never done anything with code. Computers weren’t present everywhere when I was a child. So, today, I’m going to learn along side and I’m going to do my best.” 

To get you started, let’s take a peek at a list of resources that Michelle assembled and presented to a grade 5 PLC in 2019. This is not a comprehensive list of all available resources, and you may find a resource that is a better fit for you and your class than any of these.  That’s great! Again, it’s not about doing it “right” or doing it “perfectly”. It’s about the exposure to coding. 


Resources Covered