Teaching Resources

A folder filled with teaching resources that are already in the Google suite.

A few points regarding the shared drive of teaching resources:

1. All users have FULL access.  This allows you to take copies from the drive, edit the drive documents and delete them. This is where “Digital citizenship” comes into play for adults. In simple terms, be careful about deleting.
  1. That said, there are duplicates of some (many) learning resources in here.  Do feel free to sort the resources into subject folders, units etc, and go ahead and delete duplicates (notice point #1 does not say “don’t delete”)
  2. Please add new content!!  As you create AMAZING work (you already do this every day) for your own classrooms, please do share.  THERE IS A FOLDER CALLED NEW IN EACH GRADE – ADD NEW RESOURCES IN THAT FOLDER SO WE DON’T MISS SEEING THEM! 

We are all better for having more brains at work. Kind of like the cables that hold up bridges. One wire has no strength, but when the wire works together, it’s incredibly strong. Don’t be shy to share. 

If you do not have access to this drive, contact Michelle at Division Office and she will add you. The video below will show you the trick for taking a copy of something out of that shared drive: