Other Points to Ponder

What else should we be aware of when using Educational Technology?

Screen Time

When projection systems first became available in classrooms, a little invention known as the iPad did not yet exist. Nor did iPhones, Android Smartphones or tablets. The aforementioned devices are the single biggest contributor to children being exposed to screens. At that stage of modern history, conversations about children (especially the div 1 kids) and screen time were basically nonexistent. That’s no longer the case.

It’s important in the classroom to carefully consider what constitutes a valuable or appropriate usage of our screens. In some instances, it may be wise to reconsider some of the old school ways of doing things (those certainly did not use screens) in order to “save” the screen exposure for instruction and assessment that cannot be replicated without using screens. (As an off-the-cuff example, teaching cursive might be an opportunity to go “old school” with whiteboard and markers, to save the screen usage for a formative assessment activity involving Pear Deck). Teaching cursive can easily be done without the use of a screen. Attaining the robust formative assessment data that Pear Deck can offer is a much bigger challenge to do without a screen.