Show Your Proficiency!

Google offers certification for teachers who prove their capacity to use the tools!

Achieving a Level 1 Google Certification should be a relatively easy endeavour for any CESD teachers who have been using GSuite in their classroom for a year.

The certification process has a number of exercises for teachers to work through (it’s worth doing, you’ll score a ton of tips for day-to-day productivity) as well as sample questions at the end of each “unit” to assist you with preparing for the test.

The test is done online, you are given 3 hours to complete an exam. The exam costs $10, and must be completed within three months of paying the exam fee.

The training is entirely free, and is highly recommended for all teachers to work through. Regardless of the certification exam, you will be exposed to all kinds of power that Google has to offer. This is a fantastic place to flex your lifelong learner muscles!

Should you be interested, Google’s Teacher Center will take you through the process of achieving your certifications.


Level 1 certified educator

If you use Google regularly, studying for the level 1 exam will not be terribly difficult. Google provides study materials and practice tests.

Level 2 certified educator

The level 2 certification goes deeper into the Google features. You will come away with rich knowledge upon which to spark ideas.

Google Certified Trainer

The third stage of Google certification is the certification to train educators in GSuite for education. This test involves leadership concepts in addition to technology.

Michelle Baragar – DIVO

Mandy Nelson – DIVO
Steve Higgs – CP Blakely

If you have a Google Certification but are not listed here, please fill out this form so we can add you to our list of people resources for GSuite!