Susan’s Insights

Privacy is an important consideration when selecting third-party apps for classroom use. CESD FOIP coordinator, Susan suggests the following…

A couple simple ways to use third party apps in your classroom to still preserve student privacy are as follows:

Use Gamified Names

Have students select a game name at the beginning of the year. The name should have no reference to their age or location.  This could even become an art project where they have to draw what their game character would look like.  Teacher keeps a master list of these chosen names and students ALWAYS use the same game name, no matter which day, nor which app. The only person that knows who the real people are is the teacher. Over time, classmates will come to know their game names too, and that’s just fine!!

Use First Names Only

Anytime you are entering student names into an application or website, use first names only. So, for example, if you’re entering students into s program like – do not enter their actual last names. If a product “demands” a last name, give all students the last name of your school.

Your list could look like this:

Emma Blakely
Cody Blakely
Dylan Blakely
Jenna Blakely

Susan’s official document regarding privacy and third party apps in CESD was released last fall.