Codey Rocky for the Classroom

Codey Rocky for the Classroom

Codey Rocky is a favourite among elementary students and their teachers. Codey Rocky is easy to program, fun to play with and does a decent job of meeting kids where they are at.  Students who have never coded before will be interested and engaged by Codey, and students who have some background will be able to quickly work toward more advanced coding.

Here is a slide deck with a few resources and some information about using Codey Rocky in your classroom!

To use Codey with a Chromebook, you will need to install the mLink extension to your profile and your students’ profiles.

What’s in the Box? – Unboxing the Codey Rocky

Code and Go Mouse for the Div 1 Classroom

Code and Go Mouse for the Div 1 Classroom

The Code and Go Mouse is a coding robot designed especially for our wee learners.  Meant for ages 4 and up, the Code and Go Mouse (cutely named “Colby”) does not use a tablet or Chromebook/computer to program. Programming is done using the large, easy-to-press, coloured buttons on the top of the mouse.

The kit Michelle has for you to test includes the “Activity Set”, the “Math Pack” and an extra Colby. Here is a slide deck with some additional resources and information for you about these cool robots for div 1!!

What’s in the Box? – Unboxing the Code & Go Mouse

Ozobots for the Classroom

Ozobots for the Classroom

The ozobot is one of my favourite classroom robots for a variety of reasons!!


  1. It is one single piece. There are no parts that can break or be broken.
  2. It’s small. A set of these robots does not take up a large amount of space.
  3. It’s diverse. Grade one students can program ozobots with markers, senior high students can program ozobots by typing code.
  4. It actually performs a remarkable number of actions for such a compact bot.
  5. There are heaps of resources online for Ozobots.

Here is a link to a slide deck with a few resources to help inform you about Ozobots, and to get you started on the path to creative lesson planning using these tiny, fun robots!

What’s in the Box? – Unboxing the Ozobot

Try Before You Buy Coding Robots

Try Before You Buy Coding Robots

A common conversation I have found myself engaged in frequently in the recent weeks has to do with coding products for the classroom.  Regardless of how new curriculum rolls out, it is highly likely that we are going to have some requirements in Computer Science to begin the process of teaching our students how to think logically and develop the skills to code and troubleshoot.

There are loads of products on the market for you; so much so that it can be overwhelming!!

So, to try to help out with this dilemma, I have invested in a few of the top classroom robotic products to allow teachers to test them out before making a commitment to a product!

Each robot will be presented in its own blog post here on our Ed Tech Framework, along with an unboxing video so you can see what is in the box before you choose which you’d like to try. We have robots for as young as Kindergarten, all the way to a mega set of Lego Mindstorm robots!

K-3 Robots

Grades 3-8 Robots

High School Robots

Once you’ve seen something you wish to test out, please fill out this form and Michelle will contact you to get the equipment out to you!

We will certainly be adding more robots to our IMC, as our Dot and Dash kit has been booked solid since the day we logged it in to the IMC.